Why Essart

Essart.ke is an online market place that hosts a strong database of credible sellers/vendors who have been verified.

  • we link buyers to sellers at no cost.
  • provide payment methods that allow the buyers to pay at their own convenience.
  • we shorten the time required to source for a service or a product to a click of a button.
  • have a variety of categories that makes the site a one stop shop for both services and products.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Our current environment is that of high stakes testing and grade dependent privileges. As a result there is a lot of pressure to stand out and be seen as talented. Average school leavers and under achievers are likely to feel left out and end up settling for C’s and D’s while the society focuses on the A’s, yet the former is capable of more.

In line with SDG8, to promote full and productive employment and decent work for all, Arieltech/Essart is be supporting needy average school leavers, by offering them basic skills in ICT through short term courses.

We currently have a team of 5 mentees for period of 6 months which started in Jan 2020